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  1. What are some must have magic books for anything from sleights to card magic,etc?
  2. Card College vol. 1-5 by Roberto Giobbi
  3. Okay lets start with the basics.

    Start with Tarbell. Either the eight vol set or the original mail order which can be picked up as a PDF here
    The Mark Wilson Course in Mgic.
    The Amateur Magician's Handbook
    Magic and Showmanship Nelms

    Then if you want to move into books that are just one type of item
    Coins, Modern Coin Magic Bobo
    Cards, Royal Road to Card Magic Hugard
    Silks, Silken Sorcery Hugard (can be found here as a PDf )
    Ropes, Abbots Encyclopedia of Rope Magic Steward
    The Sponge Ball book I would recommend is out of print and like $300 used.

    This should be a good start in the basics of slight of hand.
  4. I think most of the books I listed are out there as PDFs on Lybrary so if you have a tablet or a kindle, it would be a cheaper way to go.
  5. This post should be a sticky and used regularly the only books missing are. . .

    Now You See It/Now You Don't I & II by Bill Tarr
    Illustrated History of Magic by M. Christopher
  6. .
    The only reason I left out now you see it, is you start to end up with a bit of over lap between that and the other three.
  7. I understand that logic but I and others found it easier to learn from the Bill Tarr books and given how few actually read now days. . .

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