my take of the famous sandwich effect

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  1. [video][/video]
    constructive criticism welcome :)
  2. There were some unnecessary movements in there, flipping the deck around, etc. Also, I would have the jokers ready to go at the beginning. The spectator might think you are up to something if you have the deck facing you as you go through to find them. I sometimes like for my spectators to choose the red 7s or the black aces, etc. That way, they have the free choice and know the jokers aren't gimmicked in any way.

    One other thing: the patter. Find something more interesting that just saying what you are doing.

    OK I lied. One more thing: I wasn't a fan of the deck. It's hard to see the different between the back and front of the cards. Maybe it's just with a camera.

    Overall, not bad. I'm sure people like this. Keep it up!
  3. Hi,
    Here are a few tips to improve your trick;
    - At the beginning of the trick, don't sy that there is nothing in you sleeves or anything like that, they can see it, they're not stupid, plus you trick becomes longer, and the best tricks (for me) are short but effective, by doing that your waisting your time...
    - When you do the 'move' before placing the card on the table, you do it too quickly, the spectator can think there is something suspscious and could be wondering why you did that instead of being amazed by the magician, it's like a failed missdirection; the spectator will only think about that suspicious move... Just keep practising and you'll get it smouth and perfect :)
    - Don't describe all the time what you're doing, they can see it, keep it simple, if you need to find the jokers, tell them because you have to, but some of the parts of your speech are useless.. create a story instead of discribing, it's better, you keep it simple, and it's like a small misdirection.
    -You should of prepared the jokers before, the spectators could think you are doing something weird (and that's what I thought before I discovered it was the overdone sandwich trick...)
    - When you show the two jokers, (it's my point of view, I'm a magician, I know how it's done so i'm thinking like a magiian and I can only see youre move, so this part is just a parentesis) The spectator may think there is something going on..
    -You don't have to place the deck in the box, it's useless, they think there is something behind the story of 'i'm putting the deck in the box' as I said, keep it simple and just leave the deck aside.
    Practise this tricks a little more so you can do it smoothly without even thinking of what move you have to do next, enjoy the trick and performing it :)
    Hope that helps :) Keep it up!
  4. thanks for the awesome tips guys. will definitely apply them
  5. I do think this is a cool effect, especially the reveal with waving the cards at the end. However, you could make it a little more fun and enticing if you say more than just what you are doing. A good idea to make them laugh a little is to mime rolling up your sleeves and say something like, "now I'll have to hide my Aces somewhere else" or something along those lines :) Except for the talking thing, you started off talking about the ambitious card, you should continue along with that story, instead of merely saying that it gets a little ambitious. In my opinion, all you need to fix is the patter :)
  6. thanks man, i appreciate it! :)

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