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  1. Well, to start off my short review I will tell you where I got my 7 deck bundle:, just type in Bee playing cards, very cheap per deck at: US $1.51.
    I got a 7 deck bundle. 4 blues 3 reds. Now onto my review:

    First thoughts : Great playing cards at a great price, once I opened the case I was happy :) They look so cool with the back design and everything. Same front designs except Jokers are different.

    Feel : once you break them in they are super flexible! And as thin as paper!... Just a lil' thicker :p
    Obscures messed up Lepaul Spreads (this is a spread in the hands). The backs are crazy hectic, but don't make my eyes hurt at all. They are nice cards, if you rub them with the tip of your finger that feel the same as Bicycles because they are made by the U.S.P.C.C (United States Playing Card Company) Or just U.S.P.C

    Overall rating : 8/10, nothing special, just excellent flexible cards, great for magicians and flourish new->bees<(haha you get it?:D).

    Anyways, Happy... Have a nice day
  2. I don't normally geek out over cards, but the Bee Ace of Spades is f***ing beautiful. If you've not seen it, you should.
  3. Yes its sweet :p
  4. ive never been a huge fan of bee's but they are great for practice
  5. i don't like bees beacuse it has no border but i practise with them, and like the flexiblility
  6. Well, Bees are cheaper than any other deck I've ever encountered
  7. when i went to the magic shop over here in aussie i was offered 2 bee decks 1 the pips were with backround black and a deck signed by David Blaine
  8. Wow! Very nice
  9. bees imo are some of the best cards ever

    i use them alott, and i made some tricks taking advantage of the no border thing
  10. At my local drug store, store brands cost a buck, bikes are 3, and bees, are five. I dunno what that means.
  11. I actually prefer the Tally-Ho Ace over the Bee one, I really like the guardian one too. Bee's are still top 5.

  12. There are some decks with borders. The WPT design has borders and another Bee deck has it too.
    This is the WPT deck,

  13. From my experience:

    Price: Tally-Ho > Bee > Bicycle
    Deck Quality: Bee > Tally-Ho > Bicycle

    I like Bee cards, except their back design. I like Bicycle's back design much better.
  14. Bees are $1.51 at Amazon...
  15. Does anybody else find it ironic that bees are one of the best cards for classical manipulation, but the hardest to break in?

  16. I use Bee's as my everyday flourishing deck. They feel fantastic. I'm not a big fan of Tally Ho's, because to me, their too slippery.
  17. I hate Bees. They just repulse me. I pick them up and they don't feel right; I try to work with them, and it's like working with air. I keep thinking I dropped the card when I didn't, or thinking I didn't when I did. I just can't stand them.

    But really, that's the only way to be any good. Nice is nowhere. If people don't have strong feelings about your product, that's bad. Any quality product needs to be a solid love/hate. I can't stand Bees, but at the same time, the qualities I hate might be qualities other people like - and while I may not agree that these are good qualities, I sure as hell agree that Bees have them. In spades.
  18. I like bee cards. They are what I prefer for poker games. I dont like the lack of a border when it comes to magic, but I still like them depending on what I am doing. I usually stick with bicycle though cause they dont cost as much.
  19. Also don't like the border problem, plus for me I can get a brick of bikes for like $15 which if you do your math is less than $1.50 per deck.
  20. I have found that the Bee " Casino Playing Cards" differ very much from the borderless ones. I've been using these cards for the last three days and they are still in GREAT shape. They are also thicker than typical Bee's, plus they have borders which makes a hell of a lot of a difference.

    I picked some up at my local shop for 8 bucks for a two pack. I'm sure you can find them on Ebay or somewhere cheaper, I just hadn't heard of them and it was convient at the time.

    They feel a lot like the world poker tour bee's, but I like the more since they don't say "World poker tour" on them.

    They feel completely different than Wynns though however.

    Click here to see what I am talking about

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