Name of this effect, or a similar one?

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  1. The four aces are shown, turned over and placed faced down underneath the card box. Four cards are pulled from the deck at random and one by one are shown to be turned into aces, via different methods (Methods are subject to change depending on spectator.) The four, newly transformed, cards are placed face up next to the box and the four cards underneath the box are shown to have, at some point, turned into kings.

    Variation: Same thing only the four cards at random are all preset up blanks, and the cards under the box are shown to have turned into blanks rather than kings.

    What is this effect called or does anyone know of a similar one?
  2. Not sure what it's called or where to find it but i'd just come up with your own handling since it's basically just a 4 card transpo... unless it wasn't that you wanted to learn it and were asking for some other reason??
  3. Ya, I was just trying to be sure about where to give credit. The idea just sort of happened one day (I am in no way claiming to have created it) during an improv session. I just wanted to be sure to give credit where it is due.

    Also for the record my handling is original I know that much for sure.
  4. I see...

    I wouldn't really know who to credit as there are sooo many different transpo/travel type effects that who would really know

    There is one place now I remember seeing an effect like you originally described, but instead of a card case it used a drink.
    It's in Michael Paul's card under drink manuscript.

    Of course he was not the originator though so you wouldn't need to credit him.
  5. sound like Paul Harris' Reset....
  6. ive never heard of the trick but it seems you could use a 4for4 switch and strip cut.

    i dont know though
  7. I do use a 4 for 4 switch. It was the thing that triggered the effect in my mind.
  8. paul harris' limo service.
  9. I knew I would know it when I heard it.

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