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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking for some help finishing off the workings of a new trick that I am working on. I have a lot of the trick worked out however I am struggling with the finishing element of the trick.

    The trick involves me sending the spectators signed card back in time. I have the majority of the trick worked out but I am struggling with the finishing. Essentially once sent "back in time" my "past self" re-sets up the trick and the card appears in a locked box that has been in view the whole time (which I never noticeably touch and the card is removed by the spectator)

    I have been thinking about this trick for a long time and personally think that it will be quite impressive, however I think the reason for this is that it is currently impossible. There are a couple of questions that I have regarding this trick and would really appreciate it if someone had a suggestion/resolve to fix this.

    Question 1 is I am using someone else's gimmick for the time travel element, does using someone else's trick within my trick make me a bit scummy?

    Question 2 how in the world do I get the signed card into the locked box?
    I know that it would be done easily enough if the card isn't signed but I feel like this would make the trick a great trick instead of a good trick.
    I don't have a lot of money so I cant really buy tricks like "clone" to dupe the signature so suggestions that are either significantly cheaper than this, or can be made would be much better.
    I am now thinking that I could force a card to be signed and have the corner appear in the box but would like to be able to tear the corner (like angle z) secretly without the spectators knowing and putting the spectators card back into the deck, ready to send the deck "back in time" so that I can play off that "I tore the card in the past and put the corner into this box" that way I don't have to ever touch the box as the corner can be in there from the beginning but would prefer for the card to be whole, but hey beggars cant be choosers.

    I know that I have gone on a bit of a rant here and it may be hard to follow but I am depurate for help now and am trying to explain the trick as best I can.

    Thank you in advance for any help/advice you may have
  2. Use whatever method does what you need it to do. It's not "scummy" - I'm honestly not even sure why you'd think it was. There's no point in reinventing the wheel if someone else has already made what you need.

    There's lots of boxes on the market that you secretly load an object into them.
    @RealityOne could probably tell you more names than I know as this isn't my forte. I know of Lippincott boxes which do exactly what you're asking about, but that's about it.
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  3. That box looks like it could be a good option if I accept the fact that I'm going to have to touch the box at some point
  4. Realistically speaking you've really only got a couple options.

    You can load the signed card into the box yourself, which will mean touching the box at some point.

    Or you can switch a dummy card for a signed card. Which will mean you can't allow the volunteer to do the reveal.

    Of the two, the compromise of briefly touching the box (which can be 'edited' out of memory if done correctly) is the much better option in my opinion.
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  5. The only thing that would make this scummy is if you stole the gimmick somehow. If you literally took the gimmick from someone that's bad and actually against the law. Or if you stole the idea from someone without permission.

    This kind of trick is kind of commonplace though, so I wouldn't think you were in any hot water.

    I'd rather talk about this over a PM but in short, there are tons of ways to do this. WitchDocIsIn mentions a couple of options.

    In close up, there have been a thousand versions of the mystery box released. In essence, a small container is placed in full view (it might be a box, a glass or even a paperclip. You might be able to see the card already or may not.) A Card is signed and lost. It vanishes from the deck and is found in the container.

    You could easily use any of the close-up versions available.

    A note on this: One reason that this is usually performed as a close-up trick is because playing cards are small and hard to see on stage. You might consider using a different object that is more visible

    On stage, we tend to use prediction boxes such as the PERFECT PREDICTION System. This is expensive but it's not the only way to achieve this.

    I can imagine at least one way to do the trick where you don't go near the box, and a few others with different concessions. Please PM me and we can talk about specifics.
  6. There's a Francis Menotti routine that sends a card back in time in an envelope. I think it's in his penguin lecture.
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