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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jason0162, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. Ok so I am looking to add a few flourishes to my card routines. I want to state ahead of time that when it comes to most flourishes I am about as new as new can be.

    However, in the interests of adding in some basic yet attractive moves to my performances I went ahead and purchased Genesis V. 1 by Andrei Jikh. I've been practicing this as much as I can for the last month ( working on just the material at the beginning of the DVD before moving on) and have progressed to the One handed Shuffle. This particular flourish I think will be a great addition to my performances when used at the correct times and for the correct reasons.

    Now the teaching on the video is top notch. It's very detailed and the numerous angles and explanations given cover nearly everything as well as I can expect them to. However, it's rather difficult to ask a DVD a question and expect to get an answer back. :)

    I'd love to go over the steps I am using to accomplish this shuffle and in particular the step I am finding difficulty with but I believe that violates the No teaching/exposure rule of the forums. Instead if there is anyone out there who is proficient with the one handed shuffle as Andrei teaches it, could you please send me a PM?

    Hopefully it will be a simple question and answer type thing but really, any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. I don't think that would violate any rules because the one handed shuffle is one of those 'public knowledge' kind of moves much like the charlier cut.
  3. well i strongly suggest you go to and start there, the page is a collection of free excelent quality tutorials made by proffesional flourishes and taught in complete detail, miquel (the web host) has the flourishes divided in sections, and such. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you start off at the ''Classics'' section there, learn the basic moves to then move on to the other sections, trust me, the page is excelent, and youll be making great routines (with the proper practice) :)
    good wishes.
  4. Alright well I guess I'll give this a shot seeing as no one has confirmed that I'd breaking the forum rules so here goes.

    The particular step I am having issues with is when I have the deck separated into 2 packets on either side of my index finger and held on the opposite ends with my thumb and pinky & ring fingers respectively. When I try to push the two packets together I just cannot seem to get them to interlace. I feel like I am trying to push two wooden blocks together.

    I've gone over the instructions from the DVD at least a dozen times in this particular step and am not sure what I am missing. The deck I am using is bent lengthwise as Andrei recommends and I have made absolutely sure I am holding my fingers in the correct positions as he shows them, and that I am pushing together with the same fingers he instructs to do so with. Still I can't seem to get the interlacing started. Something isn't right, and obviously I am doing SOMETHING wrong. However, I can't seem to figure out what that something is yet.

    Any tips anyone can share or can anyone point out anything I might be missing?

    Thanks again.

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