Needing Feedback

Dec 18, 2007
Northampton, MA - USA
​I'm in a rather strange position; I'm being asked to create a presentation for the City Council and Planning Boards pertaining to Busking and how to create a positive image when it comes to performing talent and our community; basically, how to use such talent as a novelty by which to draw people into the area from well outside the region.

Space and slots are limited but there is a market here, so long as we don't overwhelm folks with too much. So here's what I need from you all. . .
  1. For a small downtown area how many total performers would you recommend both, on weekdays and weekends?
  2. What kind of performance permit fee should be instituted?
  3. What kinds of performers should it be limited to and why?
  4. Should performers be permitted to pitch "premiums" such as books, kitchen tools, pens, horoscopes, etc.?
  5. Should acts rotate and get swapped out from time to time?
  6. Should acts be kept in check when it comes to cleanliness & professionalism?
  7. AUDITIONS: Should a panel of Entertainment Professionals be organized for auditioning possible talent so as to insure quality and a professional attitude in those accepted as part of each season?
Other factors. . . some of you guys know more about this than I would so any and all feedback will be appreciated.
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