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    Can be used to vanish or produce a coin, or both. Pure sleight, no gimmicks, totally impromptu, can be done naked. Not easy at all, but is definitely achievable. Major downfall are the angles, I reckon it might just be possible to just get two people with it, have done it successfully live though, needs to be done straight on.

    Has it been done before? What do you think?
  2. Thumb Clip?

  3. Yes it is, but the point is that you can show both sides of both hands empty either after the vanish, or before production :)
    Have you or anyone seen it done before?
  4. Guy in my magic club uses that. He learned it from another guy that learned it from another guy and so on. Not new.
  5. Is it published?
  6. Probably in multiple places, honestly. It's one of those things that's been around a long time. That clip is in Bobo. The hand washing/display has probably been around since the first thief realized he could do that and not lose his hand after picking someone's pocket.
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    Okay, this seems to be something neither of you are clear on, the 'real invisible palm' is a presentation, I am not claiming to have invented an invisible palm, or the thumb clip, in fact, the way it works is due to three known coin palms. What I am claiming is the open front back display of both hands, something I have never seen done with a coin and have wanted to find a way to do it for a while.
    I am not a walking encyclopaedia, I'm not sure if its not been done before, I've just not seen it, which is why I made the thread, evidently it has been done before, not surprising, but oh well. Also probably been published, thank you, (We all know less original things have been released on the Wire, Ha) I will keep researching that. Anyone's opinion on whether it looks any good at all would be great too, obviously it could do with some work, it is quite difficult, but hey, its getting there.
    Thank you both for your responses :)
  8. john born cutting edge cards and coins...
  9. yes it has been published before, you can can find it in lewis gansons tribute to nate leipzig
    book as the slow motion coin vanish.and in john cornelius book award winning magic
  10. Hey on the bright side it's looking great, keep up the good work and I'm sure it will work well with one of your routines.
  11. It looks great. I used to use this move a couple of years back. Yeah, it's been published. Sorry bro. You do it very well.
  12. You should check out Lawrens Godon. He has done extensive work with this clip.

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