New Deck Design - What do you think?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fraud, Dec 8, 2007.

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    New Deck Design - What do you think? + a simplistic red design

    Im back with a different design and this time please dont just say they suck, be as negitive as you want but also say why you dislike/like them probably dislike. Also they willl probably be called spies because of the eyes on them

    (yes they will be printed but i am refining the design till a majority like it then they will be sold on my website wuch is in cunstruction)

    also i know people are getting tired of black decks so i will be designing some blue backs, reds, white ect.

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  2. spies

    hey, I really like it....very creative. if you get this printed on uspcc stock, i'll deff. buy some ;). keep it up. :)
  3. I wonder if anyone's ever actually gotten their "custom deck" printed...
  4. I like them. I would grey down the white a little bit and maybe add some sort of texture to black areas. Other than that great direction. I love the eyes!
  5. They probably will eventually, but it's pretty costly.

    Anthony Bass
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    Thanks for the feed back keep it coming also

    yes these will be printed right now i am refining the design to get one that a majority of people like then i will make a first run through (cheap finish) to see how the design looks in action and how laymen react to them then i will contact uspcc
  7. You seriously wanna print that? Another black deck? Maybe something not black/red/blue?
    Plus I would mos def work on the design more, a good back design = lots lots lots lots of work, and the design looks like it was made in a hurry.
  8. Too black, too novelty looking. Won't somebody make a "custom deck" that is 2 colours and simple and again, not black.
  9. I personally don't like them :/

    My Reasons:

    I'm for sure not a fan of black.
    The eyes and me just don't work.
    The swirly design I personally think doesn't match with the rather sharp swords and (I think) Phoenixes?

    But that's just me.

  10. I think the eyes kill it

    Simple black with white designs works real well
  11. interesting....
  12. Where can you make those...
    I mean how... what did you use to design them?!
  13. I've always liked the colour purple and yellow.

    Just throwing in my opinions.

  14. Great design man. If that were out for sale, I would pick up a few. I would really love to see it white. Like different shades of white (sorta like the ghost deck). THAT would be sweet!
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    Your second design remind me VERY MUCH OF MY DESIGN

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