New method for a sandwich effect... check it out!

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    Hey everyone!

    I recently came up with a new sandwich effect while practicing a sleight. Two jokers are shown and left on the table, and a card is peeked from the deck. Then, the performer takes the jokers with his right hands, and the spectator's card visually ejects itself from the deck, only to appear between the two jokers.

    The good news
    - No controls of any kind
    - No traditional ''sandwich load''
    - No breaks are held after the selection process
    - Nothing to hide (In most sandwich routines, 3 cards are shown as 2. Here, the right hands only holds two cards, and the selected card is shot from the deck to the jokers.)

    Bad news

    Here's a performance:

    I would simply like to know what you think about this effect. Do you think it's interesting? Do you think it's horrible?

    Any comments are appreciated,

    Marc-Antoine Denis
  2. The idea is a good one. The sad part is that it's been done & published before by more than 1 magician. Off the top 1 comes immediately to mind, Gaston Quieto. Was on his first tape/DVD and his booklet 'KRYPTON close-up, the first effect. He uses L.G.'s Top Shot....

    The above is just information. I like what you did a lot more. And it might be more practical for many that can't do an almost invisible/perfect Top Shot spanning a distance of 6" to 10" inches consistently.

    And it's anything but horrible. The patter needs work, the effect & idea is solid, good, and useable.
  3. Thank you very much! The only downfall I see is the difficulty: even though my top shot is not perfect, the version shown in the video is really hard to perform. I would like to PM you the details concerning the handling, because I do not think it has the same handling as Gaston Quieto.

    Marc-Antoine Denis
  4. i may be a little confused, but what is new about the method. to me it looks like a top shot inbetween the 2 cards. or is it a top shot under the card? you can pm me but im just not sure because ive seen top shots in between cards before.
  5. Sorry, not new. I've seen several people do this kind of load before. The specific method of popping the card off the deck may be unique, but shooting a card between two cards has been done many times.

    Also, if you can change it, you'll probably want to alter the fishy-looking beginning. It looks like you're loading a card into the jokers, or otherwise re-arranging things. A more open handling would make it more astonishing.

    Otherwise, good job. You've obviously put a lot of work into it, and it shows. Keep at it.
  6. Really cool effect dude :) Even if it's not totally original it's a strong trick :)
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    Thank you to everyone for the criticism... it is really appreciated!
    I know a lot of people have already created tricks where a card is shot in between two mates, but my version, I think, differs from them. What I mean by that is that the selected card could have been a red card, and the production would still have happened (if it makes sense). This eliminates the possibility of a top shot, because the top card of the deck is blue! Chris, I will PM you the details.

    Best regards,

    Marc-Antoine Denis
  8. looks really nice to me!
  9. Thats soooo magic for magicians
    why would a laymen care if you could have the top card be another color?
    You need to know the method to appreciate that,and we don't want them to the the method,do we?
    this is just cool for magicians since its not what they expected at first glance..

    the effect is exactly the same,the method is apparently more difficult to do,and to be honest the top shot doesn't look as good as in the original version
  10. hey man love ur sandwich effect its really cool like how did u come up with it im trying to make a sandwich effect thats good also, except it doesnt have any routine
  11. Thank you very much! The idea is a good one.

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