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  1. Hi i've been doing cardistry for around 3 months maybe 4 and i've learned alot of flourishes but now its difficult to find more flourishes to learn so i was wondering if there were any dvds or anything else like on youtube to help me find more flourishes to learn because some of the tutorials on youtube are none verbal and its difficult to follow
  2. It's hard to recommend things if you have learned "a lot of flourishes" and "it's difficult to find flourishes to learn". Did you perfect the flourishes you learned? Instead of rushing to learn every single flourish out there you should perfect the ones you already do know. It's almost impossible to perfect a large amount of content in 3 to 4 months.
  3. There's a playlist I found on youtube that has over 500 tutorials. it's got some good stuff. But I also agree with Bryant. Perfect what you know
  4. Ok thanks for the fast replys whats the name of the youtube with 500 tutorials?
  5. I still think you should work more on perfecting your moves instead of learning a whole bunch haphazardly.
  6. Okay thanks for letting me know ill perfect the flourishes i know before going on learning more thank you for the reply
  7. I wholeheartedly agree with Bryant, and there are a few playlists on YouTube with a lot of flourishes, but I would recommend creating (and perfecting) some of your own flourishes. Just play around with a couple of the moves you already know, adding a spin here or there, and eventually you'll have something new. But still, practice the moves you already know.
  8. I would recommend getting the Cardistry Con tutorial bundle. A bunch of different styles of flourishes on a wide scale of difficulty. There is something for everyone.
  9. The WIRE has tons of free cardistry, and every artist has a different angle at flourishing. You can set the filters on the wire to what you are looking for.
  10. Thanks for all the responses ill check out the cardistry con tutorial i've checked out some of the wire tutorials i'll download some and i will perfect my moves. One more thing what should i do to pivot a card cause i cant because i have really dry hands

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