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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by DereksMagic, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Hey I'm new to this forum, and to Cardistry, I think I'm going to start off by picking up GENESIS v1. - Figured it would be nice to stay up with a times and add a little of this to my magic and website.

    I wanted to know if there are some DVD's that people would recommend that have more material in them with card throws, Aerial type card tosses etc... hot shot cuts, flicking cards around your back and catching them etc... Rather than 2 handed cuts.

    Also would like a couple other recommendations to learn:

    1. Pressure Fan

    2. And when you do like a half pressure fan, but then you sqeeze and the cards kinda spring back to dealing position. (dont know what this is called)

    3. Card spins - On your finger, on the deck, on your thumb etc...

    Any point in any direction would be a help!

    Thanks all

  2. Those 3 moves , Pressure Fan , Under Pressure and the Pirouette can be learned in Dan and Dave's website. It's free .
  3. Genesis v1 & 2,

    Also the Trilogy by Dan & Dave Buck. They teach many cool things there. (Color changes, card throws etc etc..)
  4. That half pressure fan thing is called Under Pressure. It took me forever to find out what it's alled. Hope that's what you are looking for :3 it doesn't go back into dealers position, but it makes the fan like... Move
  5. When i first started out....i learnt most of my basic tricks and flourishes from dan and dave's trilogy....the tricks are easy and fun to do...
    the flourishes need a bit of practice and everything else taught are just fun to play with....once you can pick up some speed and flow....u can practically do any flourish...

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