No Card Tricks! Need more material.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ned Devine, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Hello friends!

    I took a challenge for New year's by removing card magic from my routines. That being said I did leave the Invisible Deck in there because I have a really silly bit involving that and it's a personal favorite.

    I am asking you! My peers and friends! I need some help, my gigs persist of bars/restaurant s. I have been using about all the coin I know as well as some sponge balls, TT, Double Cross, and rubber bands. I am running out of material, before my card routines and everything listed could work a night at the bar and restaurant however without them I am feeling like I need more... Well more.

    Currently I am doing the following:

    Scotch and soda/ copper and silver, 4 across, 3 fly, crazy man Handcuffs, generic sponge ball routines, finger ring magic and basic TT tricks here and there. There are more effects that I know just not well practiced. I am not good at Mentalism and I know it's a week point (in my opinion). I am more comedy than serious and have yet to bridge that gap with mentalism.

    Any advice would be appreciated and I know with your help I will Succeed. This is mainly a challenge to myself and I have broken my rules a few times for the show but otherwise I'm sticking too it.

    Thanks, Need!

    P.s. loops and thread are a possibility but I honestly have 0 practice with them.
  2. Mentalism doesn't have to be serious. Make it as funny as you want :)

    As for material, anything in Mark Wilson's Complete course and other classics

    Cups and Balls, Sponge balls, linking rings, rope, etc. All that still works (especially sponge balls! Study them more!)

    Also, check out old Magazines, like Jinx or phoenix (available on the public domain for free), which have a ton of material in various areas.
  3. Ambitious card routines
    Torn and restored
    Card to _____
    You’d probably get a decent amount of use out a gaff deck judging by the venue. (Macdonald’s aces come to mind)
    Selfworking card tricks for simplicity’s sake.
    You mentioned loops, assuming you don’t snap them all, a haunted deck set up works nicely.

    Those were just some almost expected routines that people associate with card magic.

    I’d dip into your books too and pick stuff that is appropriate. If you don’t have any Scarne on Card Tricks and Encyclopedia of card tricks would be perfect.
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  4. Good advice man! I will take a look at the magazines. And have been trying to decide on the mark Wilson books. Just trying to convince myself I guess. I do need to do more sponge balls, I do get good reactions. :)
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  5. Also I am really bad at making Mentalism funny for some reason. There seems to be a disconnect in my head. For some reason I am way too serious when I do it haha.
  6. No problem, I have the same issue. I gave up trying to make it mentalism and made it a good performance instead (still working on it lol). Let me just put it this way: If it doesn't come out as serious as David Blaine immediately, it's not gonna.

    Here's what I would do:

    Take the effects, strip all the patter and unnecessary moves away from them. Then rebuild it to do what you want. Then add the patter you want.
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  7. Whoops, I completely blanked. I misread the title as need card tricks!

    I highly recommend light hearted mentalism as @Maaz Hasan suggested. Cipher and a pocket sized Sven pad can get you really far. Lotto ticket predictions, marked Zenner cards, Rick Lax has some alright light effects on the marketplace. You might get good use out of an impression pad.

    Does B’wave count as a card trick? That is a good table stunner and isn’t super serious.
  8. Have you looked into finger ring tricks?

    Sorry, can’t think of manynoff the top of my head.
  9. Recapped. It is in Art of Astonishment and Greg Wilson has a great gimmicked version.

    Greg also has a great finger ring on string routine. I also like Alan Wakeling's Cords and Coins which uses Chinese Coins. Or you can check out the basic Grandmother's Necklace in Tarbell.

    For mentalism, check out Free Will. Great effect that @RickEverhart recommended to me.
  10. I will second this suggestion. I picked this up when @RickEverhart mentioned it in a post about a month back. Packs small, hits hard, and you will never go anywhere without it.
  11. There's a lot of stuff on today's market that is actually very useful, especially when paired with the old stuff.

    A routine I've been forming:

    Odyssey + Reflex + a Transfer + a Rope Penetration

    Plus, it's easy to make a patter out of.
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  12. Magic with borrowed bills or a multiple bill change like "Extreme Burn."
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  13. I recently started doing this as well, my walk around stuff was so card heavy I wanted to free myself up a bit.

    So my last gig I brought my ring and headphones and turned some rope tricks into headphone tricks. Nut rope knot and Odyssey ended up flowing into a great routine. And using a ring in place of coin routines is great. Also divorce by Justin Millar is a great transpo.

    Almost each ring trick I did with my ring, I would have someone after come up and say "can you do that with my ring as well?" Great fun.
  14. Heres a couple of non card things I like to do... Nick Einhorns nest of wallets you can use it for rings, coins, bills etc. As already mentioned ring on string (you can close this with the nest of wallets, gets great reactions) ring flight, chop cup, David Roths coins across and something I always carry on me is a bill transpo
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  15. Hello everyone!

    First off sorry for the delayed response. Second thank you so much for all the great advice! I have been pretty busy with life at the moment but am excited to try all of the things suggested! So once again thank you theory 11 family for the help!

  16. For sure. Been looking at that effect for a while and just haven't pulled the trigger on it yet.

    Cheers, Ned.
  17. Hey there thanks for the suggestion! I will look into free will. Been looking for some... I hate the words but "organic/impromptu" my best reactions are free borrowed or mundane objects. Any suggestions?
  18. I use an invisible Deck so I guess B'wave is alright. Just my invisible Deck bit seems to kill at the bar so I cannot take it out of the routines. :)

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