No New 1-on-1 Update Tonight?

Sep 3, 2007
Grr, I was looking forward to them. Why don't they do both? I thought they finished the second set. :)

Or maybe release them as a SNC prize.

I'm pretty sure it just said they were done filming, and they were doing the editing this week and next week... or something. :p
Jun 23, 2008
bronx, ny
No 1-on-1 This Week

no way there is no one on one this week why wont JB just kill us all. the wire better be coming soon or something else just as big .
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The T11 crew decided that the one on ones needed revamping based on the feedback we'd been giving them. They decided, instead, to release 100 decks of limited edition white centurions. From what I understand they will be back on schedule next week.

Jan 3, 2008
Yeah I guess as you already know, it was White Cents and no new 1-on1's. That was a little disappointing, but oh well.

And Cringe, if you really don't care about Centurions, why do you have the Centurions' AoS as your avatar?

Just wondering. ;)
Jan 5, 2008
1-on-1 update?

Maybe I missed something somewhere, but death to the double undercut is the most recent 1 on 1 update and that was 15 days ago. Where'd the whole "as is tradition we will update every friday night" thing go to? I like the artist diaries and it's cool to see what's going on in the lives of a t11 artist, but the 1 on 1 section is much more beneficial and enjoyable to me. What happened?

Sep 3, 2007
Well if you read a bit, you would know that a lot of people have asked this, and they are filming a bunch of new ones, so in an attempt to make up for it, they gave us white centurions.
May 13, 2008
St Albans, UK
Forget cards, shame there's no one on ones...

Hopefully the new 1on1s are of good quality even though i can't critisize a lot of the ones realeased already. A couple bad apples but overall, its my highlight of the week.
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