No Virtuoso 2018 Deck

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Are you disappointed

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  1. I feel like dying.

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  2. I am really sad, I got into depression because of that.

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  3. Yes, I am.

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  4. No, I don't care.

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  1. Thoughts about that ? Are you as disappointed as me ?
    I hope they make us an amaizing deck for 2019 (or maybe even 2).
  2. Ah actually I don't really care about Cardistry at all. I of course do it a bit, that random stuff that fills that time practicing magic. Of all those simple looking decks like fontaine, anyone and so on, I feel like virts are still pretty nice to have. I think that little break of virts brings maybe something new this year. Looking forward to see the next one, but I don't really need to have new ones.
  3. actually i like the ones that they have done with the new decks they have added more geometric patterns but the older simplistic still looks more slick
  4. The most important problem for me is the fact that they have taken out their free tutorials and will only reupload them in their new website. I really couldkve used that rev2 and the icarus sequence.
  5. I wonder if we're ever going to see any more Virtuoso decks. The last was indeed in 2017, and there hasn't been a new one now in 2018 or 2018 either.

    I wonder if they have disbanded or something like that. Has anyone been keep up-to-date with The Virts and know whether they've been doing anything in the last 6 months or so?
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  6. Still waiting...
  7. Same here
  8. They haven't done anything major other than some giveaways and announcing that the first five Virtuoso decks are considered "Phase One" and we will have a "Phase Two" with a different set of decks. They did not give any ETA or details about their upcoming decks but I don't think there will be anything for this year either given the current situation with the pandemic! Stay safe, everybody!
  9. Uhh! Interesting!
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  10. Well, I am VERY excited for phase two
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  11. It's finally happening.

    The Virtuoso P1 deck has been announced, and preorders opened up via info given to subscribers of their email mailing list.

    Some preview images of the new deck have been released on their Instagram page:
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  12. This may be Blasphemy to some but I don't really like virts decks

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