Not a card trick - my friend got conned.

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by cardbegginer93, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. My friend bought this trick and you have to use static electricity to make a pen move around a lid on a bottle and we do exactly as it says but it dont work how can we get our money back.
  2. Something tells me you must be doing it wrong.

    Where did you buy the trick?

    Please, help us help you.. Give us some information, you won't get anywhere with a half-assed rant like that my friend.

    Sounds like what you're talking about. Try using a straw like they do. Maybe you need a certain type of material to rub it on. Assuming this is the same trick ofcourse.
  4. believe you may be mixing this up with another effect. It's actually done with a straw and not a pen. When the straw is removed from the wrapper it creates enough static for it have a charge.
  5. Its done with a pen

    No its a pen he says rub it on your shirt and trousers whatever put it on a bottle lid etc and it dont work its like the telekenisis video some boy posted further up its a pen.
  6. Try it with a straw, it'll probably work a lot easier.
  7. Is the place you are trying the trick in humid?
  8. Where did you buy this? Who instructed the DVD?

    By the way, you're doing it wrong. Either the instructor taught you the wrong method, or you didn't follow the directions properly.
  9. It sounds like you saw a magic trick, and thought it was real, so you bought the "pen that moves with static" from him, and now he gets to buy himself a new deck of playing cards.

    Never give a sucker an even break.

    wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what happened, if you can't even spell beginner, how do you expect not to get scammed?

    A little hash but seriously bro, wake up.

  10. When you buy a trick, you're buying the knowledge of how it works. You can't return that. Unfortunately, your 'friend' (I'm assuming it's you) bought a 'trick' that is used to demonstrate static electricity in grade schools. There is no gimmicked pen involved, there is no prop to return. You're doing something wrong.
  11. Good quote. Just messin, I don't USUALLY take things out of context.

    yes, if you could provide some details regarding who you bought the trick from we could give you better advice.
  12. i have seen and performed a trick by jeff mcbride from a book called, magic for the complete idiot.

    it has worked for me, and to everyone else the effect is a s follows: Th magician takes a pen and balences it on a waterbottle, he mysteriously makes it follow his finger and spin.

    Just get a square of fleece, and put it in your pocket, when the time comes, you shoud ask the audience to inspect the bottle, and while they are preoccupied, you should rub the pen on the square of fleece. Then take the pen and place it on the top of the bottlecap but, once you let go, you must not touch it again, or the charge will dissipate. if you put you finger near it, it should be attracted to it ans turn towards it.

    im not sure of your version, but this is one that definately works.....

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