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    Well, I'm not the most posted person on here but I'm on here alot.. but.... While everyone is on the topic is anyone here frome oklahoma or even in texas close to the border?

  2. Im from Arlington Texas. What other forums are you a member at cause I recognize your username?

  3. I live in Oklahoma...Y you ask?
  4. I'm from lawton, why?
  5. Lawton? Cool i have a few friends who used to live in Lawton.. I'm from Ada.. Where u from magic? And im just wondering because i feel like im the only "card enthusiast" in this state lol.. Also shane im on E forums (not much), Decknique on there alot, but dont actually post) and here of course.. Youv'e pm'ed me several times about... something.. can't quite remember...check your inbox?


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