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  1. The packet thread reminded me of this and it’s something that i’ve been meaning to find for awhile.
    Yes, they can be corny and silly, however when well timed and ditched a gaff can make a impact. A little routine on your way to the routine if you want. Or maybe a chaptrick reveal.

    So that leaves me a bit stuck. Most of the Ellusionist gaffs are for decks I consider pretty “eh” especially when r/b riderbacks are the expected norm. After doing research I came to this conclusion:
    There is the impossible to find Ultragaff + it’s routines DVDs, less hard to find Blue + it’s resources, Weapons and Army of 52, Bicycle v2 with no resources and packet killer which I’m working through as I was skeptical of a magic makers product. So far it’s alright but rather milquetoast yet teaching the typical routines well.

    Why gaffs and instructions? More knowledge to build on and some are just quirky and can be used as a little flavor to your routine. So any suggestions on solid decks, preferably bike riderbacks with decent gaffs? If it isn’t bike riderbacks I’m still interested if it is worthwhile.
  2. Bicycle Gaff decks will probably soon be a thing of the past. A few years back the USPCC tightened its rules about what designs they would allow to be printed. Nothing that altered their back design, jokers, or Ace of Spades as I recall would be allowed. This is for copyright protection reasons. I've been told that they recently tightened the rules again, though I don't know/can't talk about specifics.

    I think future gaff decks are going to be in the Phoenix and Mandolin backs more often.
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  3. Harry Anderson's Gang of Four uses a nice little gaff/gimmick that leaves 4 spectators at a table scratching their head and plays nicely. It is in Bicycle riderbacks. Once you use your 12 gimmicks you are done though. You get everything you need for around $20.00.
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  4. Don't underestimate Packet Killer. Simon has a unique style but the effects are classics. Learn them and adapt them.

    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks has chapters on the standard gaffs - double backers, double facers, etc.

    I like Craig Petty's Blank. Like Simon, Craig's style is an acquired taste, but the routines are great. The best effect is the bonus effect which requires you to purchase some blank face and double blank decks.

    I like Army of 52 and have the Blue, Red and Ghost Gaff Decks. I think that the Best effect on there is Stranger Card which uses a simple R/B double backer. I also have Greg Wilson's Arcane Gaff DVD. & Arcane Gaff Deck. Greg's teaching is great. I do understand what you are saying about wanting to use Rider Backs - uniqueness with the ordinary is more surprising than uniqueness with the unique.

    Penguin also has a Tally-Ho Gaff Deck. I picked one up, but haven't opened it.

    I'm still looking for a high quality "Tree of Diamonds" card on Rider Back.
  5. I really do enjoy Simon’s teaching style and I will admit I made my judgement before getting to the more interesting gaff uses. Of course learning million dollar monte will seem bland once you know it but the variations available are refreshing.

    I was thinking of getting Weapons as that has Lit and a few other visual cards, possible the $12 Bicycle v2 as well. I really want to check out Arcane as it does have some nice reveals but I have to admit I don’t think it’s a pleasant card design and it falls in the effect you described regarding familiarity.
  6. If its your first gaff deck, go for the weapons gaff deck, it has gaffs for both red and blue rider backs plus almost every card is useful, it has got all the classics like skinners monte card, pip matrix and etc packed in one deck. Comes with the instrucional video that you can stream or download from the murphys website
  7. So I picked up pretty much every “current” gaff deck because why not, being able to compare and contrast is fun.

    Opinions from the handling and viewing source material.

    1.) Weapons - the working magician’s gaff deck. It’s bicycle, the effects are strong and you really can’t go wrong. To the point solid video.
    2.) Packet Killers - A bit more tabled but Lovell is lovely as an instructor. Also bicycle and includes classics.
    3.) Arcane in both Black and White- The video for this is incredibly indepth and the effects are great. Loads of hidden reveals and fun cards. Bit more intermediate in some handling.
    4.) Bicycle Gaff Deck V2. I now understand how to use these due to the above. The most bland but effective and classic.
    5.) Daniel Madison’s Gamblers- You must preface every trick with that you’re not a magician. Preferably in monochromatic. However the effects generated are great for a tabled performance with gaffs weaved in and out. Intermediate to skilled, great if gambling is a bit in your routine.

    I didn’t order the ghosts or the other Ellusionist one due to apparent changes in pips on the Ghosts I believe and effects provided.
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  8. @lmbrjack Thanks for the reviews. I might pick up Weapons. I agree on the Bicycle Gaff V2 - the did look sort of bland.
  9. Your experience may vary as gaffs tend to do. I got the iCard gaff card from Arcane which was supposedly removed due to copyright reasons. My weapons had a different version of 52 in 1, so on and so forth.

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