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  1. Hello,

    I ordered e-product without account and I never got any link for my e-mail to download the product. I searched FAQ and it said that after ordering the video should appear to my account.

    Well, I did not have an account and FAQ also says that there is no refunds on e-products.

    Already contacted support and did my search at forums. Am I screwed?
  2. I don't think you can order without an account. For me, the videos I have purchased are under "videos" for my account. I don't think they are downloadable. I'll double check in a bit.

    I think if you can produce either the invoice or show that you were charged, Theory11 will take care of you. They are pretty good about that stuff.
  3. I double checked and its possible to order without account. It says "download" next to the price and below that is add to cart. I got the invoice to show I got charged so lets see what happens if the support answers me something else than automated messages.
  4. Good luck. Hope it ends well.
  5. Worst case scenario, email support@theory11.com and send them your confirmation email. They will be able to get the file to you!
  6. @obrienmagic has provided the best course of action. I suspect you mistyped the email address and that link ended up in "The Dead Letter Department" of the Internet.
  7. Support answers usually within one business day. Most of this conversation here was over the weekend, which means support has not had a chance to answer yet. You should hear from them today - if not, head to https://www.theory11.com/support and try again!

    Typically if you order a download without an account, an account is created for you. Our team can help you access that.

    // L
  8. Problem solved. Account was created when I bought the product with my e-mail. I just had to reset the password to log in and get the video. Time for practice!
  9. Glad to here it!

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