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  1. Is it possible to order a deck of cards (ex. sentinels playing card) without a credit card? if possible how?
    please i really want to buy a good deck of cards i can afford the cash but i don't have a credit card...please help
  2. yes why T11 does not remove any other payments? for example using paypal, money order or else etc.
    because some people do not have and do not use credit cards
  3. t11 I would have been more happy if you just added PayPal and not updated the site etc.

  4. Well if you have paypal, it has to be connected to a bank account. I assume this has to be a checking account otherwise withdrawals on a savings can get very expensive. And (correct me if I'm wrong) don't you get a debit card with a checking account. I know I did. You can run your debit card through as credit.
  5. You can use a gift card. Check the FAQ about ordering. It also explains why they don't currently accept PayPal.
  6. There is no reason for T11 not to accept PayPal.So basically only people who owe banks every month can purchase 1on1s ? I have heard of people resorting to torrents because they are unable to purchase 1on1s.
  7. After looking through the options, it appears that you can pay with a check or money order. I'm not sure how the process works for those though. You can always go here and submit a ticket asking how to pay with either of those methods. Of course, there's always the phone number, too. With the inclusion of money orders, anyone with, well, money, can order from here. Oh, and they accept the preloaded gift cards from visa, etc. Those can be purchased almost anywhere. Walmart, gas stations, etc. Plenty of options to suit every need.
  8. I am pretty sure you have to pay a special tax on those preloaded Visas. So that just kinda sucks.
  9. Also the reason why I cant order from theory 11. www.mjmmagic.com sells Most Theory 11 decks including Sentinels and also accepts Paypal and free shipping. I use them all the time.

    Thats right. I was going to do that so I went to the store to buy one and there was like a 7 dollar Activation fee on a $25 Visa Gift Card. Same with the Mastercard.
  10. If you look at the prices at MJM, I think you'll find that you are paying shipping, just in the item price and not as a separate charge. MJMs sentinels are $1 per deck. If I buy one brick, the $12 difference alone will cover all my shipping here, plus there's no markup on everything else I buy. It's all up to you, I suppose.
  11. Well on the Walmart Visa gift cards you have to paid a $5 dollar activation fee. To the OP I will say buy a gift card from Walmart or Walgreens. You just pay the activation fee and use the gift card like a credit card.

    Hope this helps and hope that you will get these beautiful cards
  12. I guess but since im in Canada, it works out to be more of a deal since Theory 11s shipping is higher. Also the poster was saying he didnt have a credit card and MJM accepts Paypal. Which is alone worth shopping there for.
  13. Well im from the philippines so im having a tough time thinking of a way to order without a credit
  14. Paypal and order from a Theory 11 reseller like www.mjmmagic.com
  15. Thanks for the help guyz really appreciate the help i'll try the things that you all said... ^.^

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