Origins of this trick?

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  1. So for several years I’ve worked on an impromptu and gimickless rising card that can be done with a borrowed and shuffled deck(side note: I have never borrowed a deck idk why we always say that). It looks like this:

    I forgot about It for so long I genuinely don’t remember the inspirations, or the ideas that resulted in it. Anyone know any tricks/methods that are similar?
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  2. Great trick, Kyle! Enjoyed it start to finish, and had to laugh out loud at the ending :D
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  3. Royal Road to Card Magic, page 25?
    There are a number of impromptu variations in Greater Magic and Encyclopedia of Card Tricks which may cover what you are doing.

    Otherwise, this may job your memory:
  4. KYLE??? Huh, this must be how batman Feels when people call him Bruce.

    In all seriousness I genuinely appreciate it.
    Ah yes, Conjuring Archieve the world's greatest resource that I can never remember.
  5. It's marketing speak for "this totally uses a normal deck of cards and doesn't require a set up beforehand".
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