Sep 2, 2007
I used to do this back in the day. It doesn't hurt at all and does not take much courage either. :) You aren't supposed to use thick pins like sowing needles. What I used was the small pins you would find in dressing rooms (the one's removed from nice clothes). The pins are very skinny and have a small flat top. They work perfect, and once again, don't be worried it won't hurt.
Hey Guys,

I've done Pain two ways. The first was with flimsy pin like you are meant to. Its no big deal. You just need to know it won't hurt you and really slam your hand after the preliminary slam.

AND for those of you who don't know the effect: ITS AN ILLUSION. There is no damage that you are doing.

Though, of course later, i foolishly used a sewing needle, which i honestly thought made the illusion very convincing, that is until i realized i actually impaled my hand. It was terrifying but i pulled it out, sanitized the wound and it was fine.

I HAVE however also performed Through and Through which is completely different from Pain, because its real. So i wouldn't recommend it as an alternative to Pain.

-Daniel Taylor
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