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  1. I need help near the beginning of pandora, im having trouble getting my pinky on the corner after you strip off the first card.

    please respond with any tips or suggestions. Thanks in advance,

  2. Generally, most problems with flourishing is one of two things or a combo of both: Finger flexibility or finger position.

    To fix the former: Start stretching your fingers

    Fixing the latter: Watch the tutorial carefully, noting the position of every finger relative to the corners of the cards. Often if you're not set up right, you'll be out of "position" as you get to later stages of the flourish. In this case, my start grip has my right middle finger at the extreme right corner of the short side of the deck. As I'm typing, I'm playing with different start positions, and then things begin to get problematic and more difficult.

    as you study the video's, always look to where what finger should be at whatever stage you are in the flourish. Figure out what works for you.

    I've small hands so I've had to adjust some flourishes to fit my hands in order to complete different stages.

    Hope that helps a little.
  3. Haha. I had that same problem too. I think that is the hardest part of the entire sequence. Just that tiny split second part. Haha. Well, it is kinda different for everyone. But, for me (and possible for you) the corner is pretty far away from my ring finger so I have to stretch my pinky out. So, I just move it out as far as I can and bring it in back to my ring finger and the corner will "catch" on to it. I know that sounded confusing. And, I do apologize for it is very hard to explain. Hope this helped anyways. =)
  4. I fudge it a little and use my left-hand thumb to straighten the packet while giving it a tiny bit more rotation in order to get my pinky to reach that corner.

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