Penn and Teller Masterclass?.... And Some Cuts.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Gabriel Z., May 16, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I keep eyeballing on my Facebook feed the new Penn and Teller Masterclass. I was just wondering if anyone here is signing up?.......I don't want to let this one fly past me if I can help it... Maybe it's out of my reach maybe not. Anyway, here are some cuts.

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  2. My wife says that she wants to get it for a Father's Day gift. I'm sure it's full of good theory, but it also looks like its more for beginners.
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  3. I got it, since I had the year pass for all Masterclasses. It was good, definitely focused on beginners. Some of the last videos showed them coaching Piff the Magic Dragon and another magician, which was cool to see.
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  4. Incidentally, your handling of those cuts was very impressive
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  5. Thanks Peter!! I see some flaw in it, but that is the beauty of this craft is that you keep improving with every practice session.
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  6. If you are looking to convince the lay are already there.
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  7. Regarding the Master Class. From what I have heard and what the Master Class offers, it seems like a beginners course to magic by P&T.

    If you are going to jump on it, you’d probably get the most out of maybe their philosophies and theories.

    For $180 for all access to the entire course, I’d also look into Danny McBride courses and compare.
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