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  1. Hello
    I have an idea for playing cards what to do next?
  2. Well, if it was me, the first thing I would do is contact companies that actually make decks, and see if this is something they might want. But that's just my thoughts on it.. I've never done anything like that, so have no clue other than that suggestion.. I'm sure there are plenty of companies out there you could probably contact..

    That's all I can think of, short of you bringing them to market yourself, or having a company produce them for you on a private level.. But if they did that, I'm sure they would have a minimum order of 5,000 decks or something like that.. If that's the case, it might not be financially feasible..

    Perhaps someone else has a better idea than mine that can offer an opinion.. Either way, good luck with your endeavor..
  3. Kickstarter, indiegogo, deckstarter....for starters.
  4. If you are at the stage where you "have an idea" - the next step is to actually do at least some of the design work.
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  5. Try MPC- make playing cards. The quality is not the best but at least you know what they will look like exactly in a fan and stuff. If you want to sell them it allows you to show the people what they look like

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