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  1. Hey guys

    Me and my friends were planning a poker night, thinking of buying a fresh pack of cards. Which ones would look pretty slick and cool on the table?
  2. Bee Playing Cards

  3. Thanks, I was going to buy sentinels because they look pretty awesome, worth the extra money?
  4. For magic and cardistry maybe, but for just playing poker, I wouldnt bother.
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    It doesn't really matter... I'd be more worried of having good chips and guys that don't call every bluff and re-raise all night long.

    The idea of using Bees is a cliche, I'd see no extra point in doing so. But if you like the design, go for it.

    When I play, we rotate two decks of Studs with different colors. They're $2/pack at Walgreens, and in my opinion, they look nice. The design is crowded, but it's elegant. They also feel better than any other deck I've felt in the past few months.
  6. I absolutely adore studs. They're one of my favorite playing card decks. I would totally recommend using them.
  7. Mhm. I love them too.

    Some more advice: Using plastic cards isn't a bad idea either, if you plan on having multiple poker nights. The brands I recommend, Copag and Kem, are mainly found in 2-packs which contain decks of opposing colors, so it's not too costly. They run anywhere from $15-$25 for 2-deck sets, but plastic cards can last atleast a month easily. If I had to pick, the KEM arrow 2-deck packs with red and blue decks is my favorite. I'd go with those or the Studs.
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  9. Yeah if you're going to have many poker nights, I would recommend that you either get a lot of cheep decks (i.e. studs, bees, or regular old bikes) or put some money in and try out plastic cards. Bicycle does make some plastic cards that are ok quality that you can get cheaply from Wal-Mart, but if you really wan to go all out I'd invest in the KEM

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