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  1. I'm thinking of fbuying one from E but i'm also getting split spades, tally-hos and arcanes.
    Should i buy the regular sized clip or the larger one?
  2. Definitely go with the larger one. If you use "custom decks" more than anything else, it will suit you perfectly. Trust me, I have both. Splitspades and other t11 cards / E cards fit in the larger one perfectly, but you really have to squeeze them in the normal porper, and one time, the deck even got stuck in the normal porper!

    So yeah. Go with the bigger one.
  3. But will the split spades and tallys fit in the larger?
  4. E sells split spades so yes it should fit. By tally's do you mean the vipers or regular ones?
  5. regular tallys
  6. regular tally will fit in regular proper. But I still recommend buying both. Ino it's expensive but it will serve you well.
  7. the normal one fits tallys....
    yeah you should go with the larger, my stingers got stuck...... had to destroy the whole box.
  8. I would go for the bigger one...in case you want to add additional cards to your deck.
  9. get the big 1 now and then get the small one latter. You can always take the room away but you can't add room to it.

    You can put the regular deck in the large clip. If it the regular deck doesn't fit, just simply fill the empty room w/ some old cards that you have around your house. that will make it fit.
  10. i know if xfx dont have 8800 ultra ... but they gives me one with the same "power"
    and i tried in other system ... but continuos
  11. I changed my mind.
    I will only buy split spades and tallys
    Should i buy the smaller?
  12. What in the world are you trying to say?

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