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  1. I am trying out the psychokinetic touches by Banacheck, and without going in on the method I am finding it hard to practice the effect. If you are familiar in how it works, you will probably understand what I mean since the method is so direct. I don’t like showing tricks before I feel comfortable doing them but practicing kind of dictate to have a subject to try it on.

    this and a camera is my practice partner at the moment :) :

    So fellow magic friends, any ideas in how to practice the effect without destroying it for a bunch of people.
  2. Welcome to mentalism. It takes BBB. (Big brass b.... well, you get the idea)

    The thing about a lot of mentalism is that it cannot be practiced alone. Not really. You can rehearse the script and the actions, but ultimately you will not be able to hone it until you're doing the routines for real people.

    Once you've gotten to the point where the sneaky parts of PK Touches are smooth, you just need to understand that people will not see it if you are smooth and don't pay attention to the action yourself. I've done this method with people 360 degrees around me, including my wife who knows the method, and no one saw anything.
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  3. Thanks! I really like som mentalist effects and I fell in love with Banacheks method for this when I saw Peter Boie do this effect on fool us.

    I figured that were the case, I guess my chair puppet and my phones camera needs to work a bit more then To find a smooth handling, and then just take the plunge and try this out and have confidence enough in the method.
  4. The key to Banachek's method particularly is smooth actions. When you do the thing you have to do, you can't let any other part of your body's movement change. If your forearm, bicep, shoulder, and torso continue moving in a flowing way without a jump or hesitation, no one will notice. Larger action, smaller action, all that. Oh, and don't look at your hand(s) while doing the sneaky part.
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  5. Maybe 'controversial' and maybe because I have my problems with Banachek, I do not like his "Method", or maybe, the way he frames it in performance...

    I will always go to a more "invisible touches" method or combination of some others
  6. The method is perfectly serviceable, I used it for years before I totally re-wrote my PK Touches.

    Personally I never perform a routine as it's taught. I strip away all scripting, framing - everything from the original creator other than the physical method, and I use that method to create my own piece.
  7. I my self won’t use the scripted routine since i actually think the story he suggest is a bit to “ghostly”. I do believe in the method though after seeing a few performers use it.

    Peter Boie use both Banachecks method and a gimmick method in one performance I have seen and it seems to work really well to since he replicate the effect but with different methods.
  8. sure it is, and many people use it productively. I personally don't like it, I don't like the"motivation" or the framing/timing of it
  9. Then change the motivation, framing, or timing. Or don't, no skin off my back.

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