Prophet/Extreme Burn Sizing

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  1. Hi there,
    I was just wondering if the notes have to be exactly the same size or if they can be a just a little bit different. About a 5mm difference (sorry I dont know what that is in inches lol very small).
    Does anyone know if you can do Extreme Burn with a difference in note size aswell? Still trying to decide between the two, they both look so amazing.
    Thanks in Advance
  2. Your absolute best bet would to have the bills the exact same size. I have Prophet, and Tom goes over this in the Download on how to trim any extra off the bills to make them all the same size. However, it is recommended that the bills be the exact, same size.

    It makes a world of difference when working with coloured bills.

  3. So much so that I scrapped my original plans with it and went with bills of the same color. I now change ones into ones, except the new ones have little moustaches and facial hair and glasses drawn on George.
  4. bwhahahaah, i'd love to see the patter for that... :p
  5. Haha! That's great.

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