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  1. 1.Is it a gimmick?

    2.Does it have to be $100. cause I dont want to walk around with $500 dollars on me.
  2. This has been answered tonnes of times.. plus, this is in the wrong section.

    1. Yes.

    2. No, it can be whatever you want.
  3. Remember, you can only perform it with bills that are the same size!
  4. Which is the biggest downside to the whole effect.
  5. So guys, Do take note it will NOT work with Australian Currency - For all you Aussie Magicians out there.

  6. A variation of the effect will, though.
  7. You can turn paper into money, but that's harder to construct. :)
  8. Is it?

    Damn.. this so sucks.
  9. I was wondering if it can be performed like slow burn, that is with the hand providing cover as the bills change. (the beauty of it done like this is seeing the bill as a $100 on the left side of the hand and a $1 on the right side of the hand)

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