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  1. Hey guys, just want to hear your stories, maybe you've experienced something similar.
    So about an hour ago, 5:45 pm, I went out with my cameraman to do some shooting. I started small, had 2 guys help me in a card stab effect, blindfolded at the time, things were going smooth. I finished the effect and did the revelation, I then removed my blindfold. And found myself surrounded with an audience. Began doing some mentalism, things were going well. In the middle of a living and dead test. I hear a guy whistling, Ignored it, and continued performing. Then my cameraman tells me they want us to leave. So politely we do and half my audience leaves too.We walk to the corner of the street and continue with the effect. Lol, some of the security guards followed to watch. Except the one with this vicious dog. I'm surprised that I was asked to leave, firstly I was outside and secondly I have done work for the shop on many occasions. But when I tried to speak to the owner he was nowhere to be found. I'll ask him for permission tomorrow.

    It's the first time ever that I've been asked to leave, so it was a good experience for me.

    You guys have any stories like this to share? And what should I do next time? :)
  2. One time some guy ran away from me yelling "get away from me you devil". It's not the same thing, but your story reminded me of it.
  3. Lol man, that's "AWESOME" :D
  4. Depends on where you are performing. All in all the fact that you are performing is not the issue but actually the filming part is the issue. If you are filming in a mall or on a closed marketplace then you are entitled to ask for permission to film there since what you are actually doing is filming on their property and disturbing other clients. Although in a moral side everything is okay and you are actually doing them a lot more good then on a more legal note you are actually going against their laws and regulations. All the people you show on your footage must give you permission according to various local, state, human rights and film regulation laws. There are a ton of stupid regulations that create problems such as this and while they are funny and cool they might create problems. Always be on the lookout on where you are and what you are up to. If the place seems legit you can do as you please but when there are security guards roaming around you when you take out your camera then there might be problems.

  5. I was doing some to-camera magic in a local mall, and security was called on us. They approached us in the middle of filming and kicked us out!
  6. It seems like shooting is a problem. Well since the incident, I started asking for permission. It's a bigger problem in bigger malls it seems. Kinda fun though, but rather not get banned, now that would suck. :|
  7. I've had my deck of cards taken away inside a bar because gambling is illegal in my state. Also, on certain county property, I've been told that as soon as someone hands me money (even if it's for a trick), my performance becomes illegal.
  8. Hey man, that's crazy, here where I live, gambling goes on on the streets even. And quite a bit of illegal poker games and stuff, cops even play lol :)
  9. I would look into that, Josh, because it sounds like someone is confusing a rule. It's entirely possible that if someone pays you to perform you need a license or it's illegal, but I can think of no reason that someone handing you money while you happen to be doing magic could be illegal.

    The area outside of shops is often part of what they are leasing. Malls are private property, so they can kick anyone out if they wish. It pays to be familiar with all of the laws in your area to avoid such problems.
  10. The place where I was told that is a square of property around my county's courthouse. They rent the space to vendors and people having private parties, so I assume they want me to pay to rent a space. Even musicians with tip jars get kicked off. They told me that any exchange of money could be perceived as an illegal transaction.

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