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Aug 18, 2008
I would like to know what products you have purchased from theory 11, and simply if you thought they were a good buy or not. These are not meant to be reviews. Also what has your overall experience been with theory 11. Ill go first.

I loved this effect, but was never able to use it. Could never get the gimmick right, I could never do a live performance. This one is sitting in my closet.

This effect I am still on the fence. I have had trouble with the gimmick and have not had time to try the improvements that were later suggested. It has great potential however

I love this effect. It is so simple and so versatile, and goes with me wherever I go. For the price, perfect.

Just received this yesterday, already it is my favorite trick I have purchased from here. Simple, and hits hard. Pure genius.

Theory 11 is by far the best magic site I have associated myself with. The effects are killer, the forum is great, and the customer support is superb. I love the 1 on 1 section, with something new every week, I know Im gonna go broke on it.
Nov 4, 2008
I have purchased Distortion, and the effect was great and I learned to do many cool effects even without the gimmick. However, the gimmick uh messed up and... Well let's just say it now made the trick obvious. I wanted another one, because this was through normal use, and I was not being rought with it, but then I would have to pay $5 for a new one, because it was "my fault that the gimmick broke." Anyways, that is the one and only hing I decided to buy here, and I havn't bought anything since.
Jun 7, 2008
DC area
Wow name every thing


punched my self in the face when I learned the method, so simple


The gimmick is weird but gets awesome reactions


Its really visually and good and I got it for free (SNC)


Really Really good


really good and goes great with indecent


pure awesomeness

Second Deal

Ok, havent used it yet


Awesome and a great ace production

Bluff Pass

my favorite pass/control

5 speed

Simple and AWESOME

Tivo 2.0

really hard and cant do it yet
Apr 27, 2008
Very good best purchase so far

Nice concept and idea but hard to execute in real performances

Needs some practice and I haven't perfected it yet.

Simple and hardhitting, misdirection helps

It's a shame I don't do as much card work but the flourishes are just beast.

It's alright but one thing just bothers me and can easily flash.

Digital Dissolve
Needs some basic coin moves but other than that very cool effect.

Good camera trick I guess

Not to bad but I prefer Extreme Burn for the extra thing

Second best reaction (Liquid Metal first)'

Very sweet but I use For Andruzzi instead and is so much cleaner
Distortion- awesome trick but i have been caught once.

TnR- cool method but too gimmicky for me

Witness- perfect example of simplicity getting great reactions

Control- super simple but you would really need to work on presentation

Panic- the best one i have purchased

Digital Dissolve- I got this when it first came out and it kills! my favorite coin trick (cause it is the only one i can do :p)

Overall this is my favorite magic site because the forums are active and the people(members and staff) are really nice.
Nov 18, 2007
Toronto, Ontario
I have purchased quite a lot of theory11, too many for me to describe one by one, but I'll name some good ones as recommendations for any skeptics out there.

Top 5 recommended products

Panic- EXCELLENT trick. Probably my favourite one since the angles are nice, and there are hardly any flaws really.....

DVD- Dangerous Mystique- A lot of good impromptu material. Great for anyone of any skill level. Some tricks, like angle zero, are very very good =]

Riot- The angles are not that great, but if you don't mind that, this will probably be the most visual elevator/rising card...ever...

Slipshot- A very very very cool production. There are many possibilities with this production and is quite stunning, especially producing multiple cards face up. Its a bit knacky, but its worth the practice =]

Fan Control- Very versatile control. Who needs a pass when you put full trust into your spectator and still control their card? Simple method, very very practical.

I highly recommend the above. If you have any questions about the practicality of certain tricks and why I did not include it in my top list, please PM, though i won't expose anything :p Just a side note, there may be better 1 on 1's out there, but just judging from what I own, I like those two the most :D
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Jan 11, 2008

Dangerous:Mystique and Motion- Jam packed with rock-solid material.

Panic- Has the power to leave your audiences stunned

Witness-This effect requires no gimmicks and features a simplified,
tried and tested handling.

Believe-A pure, impromptu miracle

Control-100% Safe, Effective, and Reliable and No Setup; No Gimmicks

TnR- An insane piece-by-piece torn and restored card effect ,is shown SO fairly before it is visibly, simply, beautifully restored and transformed.


Bluff Pass- An incredibly deceptive control

Redline- Simple and phenomenal

Polariod Change- Instant and visual change

RIOT- Visual and the most fair, clean, and fluid manner imaginable.

Five Speed-A high-impact, powerful routine

Fan Control- This is a simple, effective, and powerful control that happens under the fairest possible conditions.

Blueprint- A simple, clean effect utilizing three sleights
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Alright... Here we go:


Brilliant classic, with a great new handling. On of my favourites, Great Buy, have performed with it.

Bought before Theory11, one of my all time favourite DVDS, love the fact you can buy only one/two or all three on Theory11. Great buy, have performed with it.

In all honesty, one of my least favourites. I really dislike the gimmick, and honestly probably wouldnt buy it again. I love Aaron Fisher and the rest of his work though. Not my favourite, and probably wouldnt recommend it, have performed with it.

Didnt purchase from Theory11, as I have it from Lee previously. Really great simple trick, which isnt something I would usually perform but have had great reactions for. Would recommend, and have performed with it.

Digital Dissolve:
One of the only coin effects I perform. Love the gimmick, and its beautifully made. Would have liked more from the DVD, especially in performances, but its a great buy. Have performed it.

Honestly, I like the idea behind the gimmick, but could never come to actually use or construct it. Great buy to help your creative mind, but I couldnt recommend the effect itself. Havn't performed it.

Difficult to sum up how amazing this effect is in a few lines. If you dont have it, buy it. If you have it, buy it again. Perfect, and have performed it.

I have it, and sadly pretty difficult to use with our currency. Havnt had the time to really work out a way that I could use it, to that im happy with. Will work on it over the next few weeks. If your elsewhere it would be a brilliant trick to buy. Recommeding it, without even performing it as of yet.

Joel at his finest. Simple, Pure and so Smart. Definately recommended, and have performed it.

Both Mystique & Motion are both brilliant DVDS. Though im not really the biggest fan of D&M's flourishing, the magic is amazing. Both as a flourisher, and a magician its a great buy. Recommending it, and have performed it.

A bit gimmicky, but not as bad as alot of people have suggested. Bich is a champion, and such a creative master. If you like what you see in the preview video, and like the effect, buy it. Dont listen to the negativity, as its not fair in any way. Am yet to perform with it professionaly, but have on a more personal level.

Something I will perform to myself for the visual aspect, and to others on a irregular basis, but it wont be coming into my regular routine. Like Panic, im not a huge fan of the gimmick, but will work on this to improve it more to my liking. For the price, would strongly recommend it. Have performed it.

Will talk about the cards, and 1-on-1's after.
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