Queen Trick

Dec 27, 2008
hey, just trying to remember the name of a trick i saw when i started magic. it was where you had the 4 queens out. then you selected a card, which you tabled. you then take either tht red or the black queens on the deck and put the selection inbetween them. then you cut that packet off onto half of the deck, which you table. then you take the other 2 queens and put them on the deck. instantly the selection changes packs to become sandwiched between those two queens. you flip the sandwich over and the selection vanishes from inbetween the two queens. you then take the tabled half of the deck and put it together with the other one. the selection is in the middle, again sandwiched by the original 2 queens. hope this makes sense.
if anyone knows the name of this would you please tell me.thanks a bunch.
Nov 10, 2007
There are many different versions of this effect. I think it originated form Larry Jennings but do not quote me on this. You can find the effect in different dvd'd and books. Here are a few I came across:
Artist:Larry Jennings Book: Classic Magic of Larry Jennings Name: The Visitor
Artist: Gerry Griffin Dvd: Complete card magic set Name: Jacks or Better
Artist: Dorian Rhodell Dvd: Avenue Name: Joyride
Hope this helps
- Donald
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May 3, 2008
Hong Kong
The original was indeed the Visitor by Larry Jennings.
There are many many variations of this plot done by countless magicians.
Dan and Dave, Allan Ackerman, Kevin Ho, Gerry Griffin, Dhorian Rhodell, etc
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