queens + ten city + gaff cards = my trick

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by drorange, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. ok i was messing around with the big city routine today and cam up with this

    - start of with the four tens the reds face down the blacks face up explaining how they are never seen at the same place at the same time.
    - suddenly the black aces disappear one by one leaving the two red tens
    - you then turn the two red tens into the two black tens in a visual change
    - the black tens are placed onto the deck and turned face down.
    - the deck is covered with the magicians hand and a red ten appears the magician places it in his mouth or a specs hand
    - the other red ten flies out of the deck and is caught
    - the red tens are taken together and shaken turning into the black tens
    - the magician then explains he has a theory tht the red and black tens are really just 2 cards which keep changing appearance and he will try and catch them in the act
    - he takes the ten of spades and gives it a snap it turns into a red ten of spades
    - he takes the ten of clubs turns it over and gives it a sharp tap on the table or leg he reveals the ten of clubs has turned into the ten of diamonds but the pips have fallen to the bottom

    would like some feedback any improvements i could add i will try and upload a video soon.
  2. good going! nice effort in thinking over the sequencing..........sounds good.

    Waiting for your performance; Afterall, Actions speak louder than words.

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