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  1. Hey there,

    I have 2 quesions about PK touches:
    1. What are some good resources on this topic?
    2. Can it be done in a walk around setting?

  2. Banachek is going to be one of your best resources. This effect typically relies heavily on presentation (which I find AWESOME) and I personally would not do it for walk around, because the 2 people participating felt the touch and you need audiences to verify you didn't come close to the one person whilst being careful not to reveal the method. This really packs big hits when done right for large audiences because everyone goes CRAZY at the same time.

    Without revealing method I can say you will want to make sure you have your wording down perfect as well as multiple sources for learning. You can practice on 3 people with 1 person to verify, but if you record and then show it to the 2 people you can easily run into issues.

    Hope this helps,

    Kyle Wessel
  3. I have used it during a cocktail setting, in a walk around situation. Banacheck is a good start, you'll learn the basic handling for it. I use a Jim Steinmeyer routine from his book Nothing but Mystery. Morgan Strebbler has a whole bunch of ideas on his DVD Touched which I also use. Some of these, like blow, would work great during walk around.

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