Raider Deck Review

Hi Guys,

This is my first card review.

These cards are from the magic network, and they're pretty cool.

They are completely black with a lovely spades design on the back of them in a lighter grey.

The black cards are white and the red cards are a deep red. the court cards have a blue lining around them, but they're normal.

The jokers are like mini artworks. they picture a skeleton of a pirate in the moonlight looking across the sea. they also hold a card. the ace is nothing special.

The feel so far is perfect. I do own other cards but the only cards I have managed to compare them to so far is the Propaganda deck. they are a little bit rougher than these.

you can do practically everything with them that you normally would. the cards also come with a double backer and an advertisement card for the magic network. I wonder why these are all the rage now?

it was the card box that got me. They say Bicycle on them but they are totally different. Do I dare say that the card box is sexy?

All in all, you can probably do better than these, but I doubt you could do much worse. I expected them to be like the Tragic Royals. I was SO wrong.

I hope you guys like this review and you give these guys some buisness as these cards are different and definitely worth it!


May 9, 2008
Did you mean, "you could probably do much worse, but I doubt you can do much better?" From your sentence "i doubt you could do much worse" makes me think this is the worst deck on the planet.
Dec 5, 2008
my raiders sucked :( they bend too much i was sooo sad but still im amazed by the design and quality :) I LOVE EM .... but i hate them if you catch my drift
my deck is fine. I've also found a way to finally use the double backer card companies think we need and combine it with the jokers to create a great effect.

the design is fantastic.

Yes, that is what I meant. Thanks for the correction.

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