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  1. I love the effect Rapture by Edward Boswell, but I don't know any routines to incorporate it into. I love it as an intro to a routine, but I can't seem to figure out a routine that it would work for. I want something that I could create a flow to it, rather than just a quick intro. But the ones I think of, it makes it difficult to hide the gimmick. Do you have any ideas for routines or tips on hiding it?
  2. If you look at the tutorial of the video Edward tells you a great way to get rid of the gimmick, if i would use it in my routine i would probarbly do a script about hypnosis and first mabye show a erdanse or color change and how you use hypnosis to make them think you have the wrong card, while they have a big reaction to that, sqitch decks and than rapture and get rid of the gimmick, and than a big ender don't know what tricks you know but mabye a tnr trick how you make them think you rip the card with hypnosis

    ps: this was just a quick idea hope you like it and can figure it out abit more this was just a tip how you CAN build it up =)

    Thanks take care brother - Markus/JokerZingo
  3. I use rapture to perform time travel routiene, i just take a few cards out from the deck and add the rapture gimmick to the deck and place the gimmicked deck in a card box . Now you are set .
    Pull out the gimmicked deck from the box and put the box in the pocket ,after doin that tell this to your spectator '' Hey do you remember , a few seconds ago the box was wrapping the deck like this'' and now make the box appear on the deck ,and suddenly make the box disappear and tell that '' as you remember i placed the box in my pocket '' and show the box to the spectator . This trick will get awsome reactions when performed with a great patter .
  4. Those are some good ideas. I was actually thinking of a tnr trick to do with it, but I couldn't think of good patter to tie them together that I liked. I have seen something similar to the time travel idea somewhere else. Now that I think about it a little more, I actually really like that, but I don't want it to be just a trick in itself. I could do that as an intro, but I don't know exactly how I should tie it together into another trick. Continuing on with the time travel idea, I could probably tie it in with Redemption by Chris Ballinger. I don't know if you have seen that trick. Hey, just in writing this, I got that idea. I like that. Thanks guys for your ideas. They are both very good, just the hypnosis idea doesn't fit my character quite as well as the time travel one.
  5. Edward is a good friend of mine and he actually has a tnr card using the rapture gimmick that hes working on. Its pretty neat.

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