Rate my clipshift

May 7, 2008
MoNTReaL 514 *****!
you shouldn't put it on youtube after 3 days of practicing it takes mounts to make it look decent ..

one good tip i can give you is doing it with to decks at once try it (2 decks in the same hand)

and you should defenetly re-watch the DVD cause you missed one great tip that makes the move look twice better
Jan 28, 2010
I know it should take months of practice, but I put it up just to merely get some advice.
2 decks at once sounds crazy, I don't think I'll be able to pull it off.
and the great tip is.. the "making it impossible looking"? cuz I tried that already, and it's harder :D
Jun 22, 2009
I would take the video down and go to the Surface forum. Or just search in the forum in general for tips and advice.
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