Really hoping Gold Artisans aren’t...


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Jun 14, 2013
...ONLY available if you purchase X amount or they’re only if you have 5000 points etc - from this site on Black Friday

That would be a real kick in the guts w the amount I’ve spent here.

The most annoying thing for me about T11 is the fact they’d want you to spend X amount to get a free pack - but barely release any new material to buy.

Last trick they released was T-Rex which is a minor price so you get f all points

I’ve bought all I require in regards to magic from T11 so that doesn’t leave a “faithful customer” which much option

I also don’t have time to participate in Saturday night contests

I hope they’re available for normal purchase seeing as many people have been able to pick them up at Target - an exclusively US store which leaves international customers like myself without an option
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