Reload and Loaded by Marcus Eddie differnces

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  1. As mentioned in the title I would like to know which differences there are between Marcus Eddie` s Reload and Loaded. Due to the first one being out of stock (at least I could not find it after a longer search), I encountered this: In general three questions came to my mind:

    1. In the trailer to Reload Eddie claims that this is the cleanst versions of the trick. Is this also true for Loaded? If no, can I figure out how to improve the gimmick from Loaded to the level of Reload?

    2. I would like to use the two decks out of one box trick from Reload. Is there any chance to do this with an improvement to Loaded?

    3. Is Reload ever going to be restocked? Is there a version of Reload as a digital download which I missed (I do not mind building a gimmick on my own)?
  2. The gimmick you build with Loaded is quite different from the one used in Reload, which comes assembled (Unless he starts selling it as DIY, which I have not seen).

    You wouldn't be able to modify it to do the same thing due to the differences in the creation and functionality of it. Not sure if/when he will restock Reload though.
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  3. Thanks for your reply. Seems like there is no point in buying Loaded aslong as there is a chance of obtaining Reload.

    Did Marcus Eddie mention a restock of the product or a DIY video? Does anyone know?
  4. No problem. Maybe try reaching out via Social Media and ask if he has plans to release more. He is very busy though, so expect a delay in response.

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