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  1. Hi, I live on the big island of hawaii and I dont know of any community or club related to magic. I just feel really left out/

  2. Well, welcome to theory11!

    And don't feel bad, that can be a good thing. I don't know any magicians around my area either, I'm the only one! :D

    But, again, welcome. There are plenty of knowledgeable folks around here.

  3. Find a buddy that's into magic. My friend saw me perform and that got him into it and now we jam all the time. If not, then that's what these forums are for.
  4. hey, there are a bunch of people on here who live in isolated area's. i think we should all form a group and decide to meet once a year in a random location like pluto or Newark New Jersey.
  5. Or Oslo. Very nice, anytime of the year :D


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