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    I recently told a good friend of mine I was going to buy the Icarus Effect (please no comments on this) and he said he'd give me something interesting to look at. We had our local meeting last night and he handed me the new Retro Gravity booklet.

    What you get: The bound 34 page booklet

    What you learn:

    The Mat Levitation: Interesting piece of magic. Float up 4 inches..and people can wave their hand underneath you.

    Al Mann Newspaper Levy: Stand on a newspaper, float up, and someone pulls the paper out from under your feet.

    Retro Gravity: Was not what I expected. I'd seen the demo and had been put off by the look of it. The method was very clever. I've had numerous self levitations before and some of them are very uncomfortable. This one is not.
    Skywalker looks fantastic, yet it hurts to wear it. Retro Gravity sacrifices the looks for comfort in a way.

    The Invisible Force 2: I just re-read this while typing out the review. This "extra" that Devin threw in is, in my opinion, ten times better than Retro-Gravity. I'm going to make my own method using this principle. It's just awesome. IF2 allows you to levitate and people can look under you. Yeah, like I said, it's awesome.

    The gimmick: The gimmick for RG is actually very clever in construction. Al Mann had the basic concept for it and in his notes said it was merely a pipe dream. A year later Devin had a rough prototype made. It's very concealed and you don't have to add anything to your feet or pretend your wiping the ground near your feet (cough cough elevator cough). It's actually a very fair levitation.

    Construction: If you own Skywalker and actually made it, you'll remember it was a ***** to make. This is slightly less difficult so be happy about that. Devin goes over every nuance in great detail. I haven't made the gimmick but it wouldn't be very hard. Edit: I've just realized with a small modification you could actually finally perform a levitation on the street...surrounded. I'll leave you with that.

    Personally, RG is not my thing. It may be yours. BUT I do suggest picking this up if you're interested in levitations like I am. The IF2 idea is worth the price alone.

    Here's the link:
  2. So it's just one object you can get in a typical hardware store? Surrounded? Interesting...
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