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  1. Hi guys!

    I'm really interested in buying revelation by dai vernon.
    I've read it is vernons... improved version of expert at the card table is my impression.
    Obviously I would love the book just to own! I hear it has wonderful photos of vernon doing the movies and it is just a wonderful book.

    Unfortunately the price Tag is quite high.
    Does anyone own and recommends the book?
    What does it really contain and is it worth it for the learning potential.?

    Thank you guys.
  2. How long have you been handling cards? I've only been at it 5 years.( I'm not the best but on the same token I'm not the worst).. And at this point I personally think it depends on how serious you are about digesting the contents of The Expert at the Card Table.... If you want to get down to the nitty-gritty about what Dai Vernon was thinking about(Along with pictures of his hands) then buy it, and study it. From my experience(because I own the book) , and I only speak for myself a regular copy will fulfill your needs for a while( I recommend the Marty Demarest edition it is cheap and gives you all the corrections in the back. The Expert at the Card Table is divided into two sections, Artifice or to put it bluntly cheating at cards, and Legerdemain which is mostly conjuring with cards .. While some of the moves are interchangeable as far as which section it be ine.g. (Shifting, Palming), and others not so much(Second Dealing , Bottom Dealing). Meaning that you use Second Dealing and Bottom Dealing mostly for cheating whereas palming and shifting can be used for cheating or entertain... . SW Erdnase says that as a basis of card entertainment this book is practically inexhaustible, I agree with him whoever he was :D. However if you are discouraged by the price why don't you get The Annotated Erdnase by Darwin Ortiz? It's a little cheaper and gives you Darwin's views on the subject. Hope this helps.:)

    P.S. Revelation also includes Allen Kennedy's Legendary Center Deal.
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  3. I can't express to you how much I appreciate how in-depth your answer to my question was and the acknowledged passed.
    Thank you :)

    I'm a 7 year card magician and card collector @Gabriel Z.
    I really enjoy technique and slights.
    I've always enjoyed the work card mechanics do and how it can cross the lines to magic and sometimes it's just a an open display of skill.
    Huge Dai fan, Ricky Jay, Richard turner, jason england and lennart green.
    With the new year I've decided to really throw myself into the study of card mechanics especially when I was in Paris and I saw some amazing card work.
    I can do some... I have a killer DPS, 2nd deals etc and fake run cuts and table shuffles but nothing special.
    Really interested in becoming more if a table card guy like my hero's.
    So I'm really fishing out education and direction.

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