Reverse Pumpkin seed vanish?

Sep 23, 2008
Selma, NC
I've been trying to learn this vanish from J.B Bobo's Coin Magic book, but I can't get it down. I think I may be doing it incorrectly. Could someone help teach it to me? all advice is appreciated.
Jul 8, 2008
I'm not sure if he still has it up, but Tim Feher used to have a lot of really great coin videos. He has studied Bobo's very thoroughly and he knows it better than anyone else. He used to sit down with a camera and go through each chapter of the book and performing and giving advice. He also had a video demonstrating some things the correct and wrong way. His youtube is so if you can get in touch with him he can probably help you out
I have been doing alot of work on the pumkin seed vanish as well as the reversed vaish and its beginning to come together I'll PM you with the details once I get it smoothly. I feel it anyday now that I'm almost at its correct execution and I'll break it down in detail.

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