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    I will start off by saying: it's not what you think it is.

    The method is nowhere near what I thought, and I like it. The routine has the classic "why didn't I think of that?"-feel to it, and it really does look good.

    You end clean with a totally examinable ring and finger. While examining one's finger is a very odd thing, the possibility should be mentioned for the sake of completeness.

    The quality of the download is great as usual, and Mr. Bishop goes through every step of the routine in detail. It's not a difficult routine to explain, nor to perform.

    A small "something" is required besides the ring, but you'll most likely have it at home. Once that "something" has been acquired, you'll be doing the effect within minutes.

    Seeing a man with such giant paws is entertaining enough to purchase this - the routine is more of a bonus.

    I understand this is a very short review, but I urge you to watch the demo video in the link below to see the visual nature of this. [1]

    Summary: It's not what you think.

    [1] Who the hell invented the combination "visual nature"?

    What? My Precious by Brett Bishop
    More exactly?
    How much? $10

    -Erik Jansson
  2. Thank you for the positive review Erik. I really do appreciate it.

    Brett Bishop
  3. i think im going to get it, and its cool you wrote back as well Brett, i love when the magicians stay engaged in there work so they can either improve or learn something from it, its not like your just putting it out to make money, you put it out because its a solid effect and workable. I totally liked your presentation and would definitely hit up your bar if you were in the area, im in florida? lol you around there?
  4. Off topic but you look just like Penn Jilliette:p
    Nice review erik.

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