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  1. "Years, or months later, magicians ask me how I do this trick, and I never explain.. because I want magicians to FEEL the effect of this trick." -Dani DaOrtiz

    "Simply super strong magic full of surprises!" - Juan Tamariz

    "He performs real miracles." - David Williamson

    "Dani is everything I love about magic." - David Blaine

    This one is a STUNNER. One of Dani's oldest reputation makers revealed for the first time EVER.

    Just by feel alone, you reveal MULTIPLE chosen cards, using an ordinary deck of cards and an INCREDIBLE fair method. It's unlike anything you've seen before.

    PROFESSIONALS: If you could only choose ONE card trick to perform, this would be worthy. Dani is so good at turning a card trick into an experience the entire audience gets invested in.


    Because this is my first review of this type, I will quickly introduce myself as a hobbyist of magic. I have studied magic for about 10 years as of now and believe I am in a place where I can contribute my experiences and thoughts to the community without feeling under qualified. I enjoy studying magic because it is an intellectual art form for me and provides me with challenges both physically and mentally. I enjoy gaining knowledge in the things I enjoy so if I am home my time is often spent studying magic or fitness and trying to develop these to the best of my ability. I will now try and articulate my thoughts and experiences about these products when I have time and on the available forums. I am in the military so often a lot of my time is spent doing that but I will do what I can when I can to contribute back to this community in a way that I think may be beneficial. I do purchase everything myself so I will not be biased and my thoughts will be my own. I don't personally subscribe to the idea of labeling things numerically as I think this is difficult to get across your thoughts and ideas in an appropriately beneficial way. Because of this most of my reviews will be in a different format to this. It will outline what I think in a more in depth way. For me I think this is the better option.

    The value here for me is in the thinking of Dani and how he handles this principle as well as how he handles his spectators as I already use a version of this principle. If you haven't worked with it in the past, it is well worth studying and perfecting. There is an additional video teaching a well known version by a Vaudeville artist from the 19th century known as Si Stebbins. This version I learned when I first started out and I would like to add it can accomplish some things that other versions can't due to the nature and it's properties. If you don't know this version it will be a valuable lesson for you as well. For this context this version will work, however, I recommend studying Juan Tamariz's version (there are other versions, this is only the one I use and prefer) as I have, as I believe it to be more deceptive. Dani also mentions Tamariz a few times threw out as inspiration to these methods and handlings.

    Final Thoughts:
    If you haven't studied this principle in the past, you should get this as it may encourage you to study the principle. If you do use this principle already then you will be able to take the lessons and apply them to the work you do already. This principle is a work horse for both magicians and mentalists if you can study it well and feel confident and comfortable with its handling.

    For me this was well worth the $10 dollars as I will take away from this his thinking on the use of this principle.

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