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  1. Ring magic is my absolute favorite kind of magic, and I've been recently seeking out as many effects as I can find, however it seems like there's not a lot of published effects out there.
    The only effects I'm familiar with are

    Divorce by Justin Miller.
    Lightspeed by Justin Miller.
    Bandwidth by Gregory Wilson.
    Odyssey by Calen Morelli.
    On Off by Nicholas Lawrence.
    Reflex by Patrick Kun.
    Circuit by Zach Heath.

    Compared to say, card magic or coin magic, it seems this is substantially sparce. Is ring magic just not a very large category, or am I just unable to get down deep enough to find the majority of it?

    If you know of an effect that's not on this list, please respond and send me in its direction, it would be MUCH appreciated!♤
  2. It is a lot less common on the modern market... but you should be looking through some old books or magazines for some good stuff.

    Ring magic using a rope or a thread is very popular in magazines. There are a few examples in Theodore Annemann's Jinx Magazine. Phoenix magazine has a ton.

    A lot of coin magic can be done with rings (and IMO, Ring magic done with coins feels more personal and natural for me)

    Also, look into Thimble Magic, which uses a lot of the same principle.
  3. Here is a list of about 1000 ring effects (and there are WAY more).

    Especially check out the latter ones (20th and 21st century) as those will be a lot more available to you.

    Make sure you look at the ones from Phoenix magazine as well.

    These are the places you should be looking at :)
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    Ninja plus by Matthew Garrett is a great piece of ring magic. Incorporates ninja rings with a finger ring. Also solves the age old issue of having the rings examined during the routine. Maybe something you may wanna check out?

    Here are a couple of performances for reference:

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  5. Is there any way to perform Justin Millers routine with bigger ring? I am currently using bigger ring to perform Ringja by Nie Tie tricks but it seems impossible to perform two of the Justin Millers tricks. Pm me for solution? Thank you.
  6. I like Greg Wilson's Ring Leader.
  7. I always get mixed up when someone refers to 'Rings'...PK Ring or Linking Rings? Seems like we have both on this post...
  8. I assume he was asking about finger ring magic since th examples he listed were all involving finger rings.
  9. Is there any safe website to buy downloadable version of De'ring' by De'vo?
  10. Ellusionist.com has it.
  11. Oh my mistake. I meant Ring Thing by Garrett Thomas. Murphysmagic has it but cant buy it from there.
  12. Ah yeah.

    Vanishing Inc and Penguin Magic both have that one.

    Really wish there were fewer repeated names for magic tricks sometimes.
  13. One that is missing from the list is Night Crawler by CF Yuen. Beautiful, I have this DVD, and it's the best thing I've purchased in ring magic. The move is so wonderful. I came up with some variation of his move, and the reactions are very, very good.

    I can also recommend

    Ring Theory by Antoine Thomas
    Legend of the One Hand Man. One Ring. One Hand. by Justin Miller
    The Ringmaster by David Jay
    Butterfly Ring by Barbu Nitelea

    The last one, although isn't bad, is not something I would necessarily recommend you to purchase. Unless you're really crazy about ring magic.

    I know about Ringja, but it feels very weird to me. Also, I don't like fast move. Looks like there is some trickery or sleight of hand. When I do magic, any kind of magic, I try to be as slow as possible.
  14. Legend of the One hand man and Night crawler. Never heard of these but looked pretty decent. Cant find downloadable version for Night crawler though.
  15. I don't understand why it would have been better to have the download version, as usually both are priced the same. At least with a DVD, you get a physical item on your shelf, for your collection.
    Legend of One Hand Man, you can get it if you email Justin Miller. His items gets removed from his site progressively, but if you speak with him, and send him money, I can guarantee he will send you the link for that video.

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