Riu Cut

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  1. As seen in Angelica Preview...
    I created this cut about 5 months ago. it's nothing original but there you go. I dont know if it's worthy making a tutorial on it though so... tell me what do you think.
    TheCuso's Riu Cut
  2. hey man!.......hmmm...make a tutorial if you aren't reluctant :D

    up to you:)

    btw...are you getting the guardians?....wow...
  3. I love it because its smooth and its nice to watch, it's not another "so fast you can't enjoy it" cuts. I'd love a tutorial.
  4. thats a nice smooth, simple cut, very cool performance. I love those cards, They're studs aren't they?
  5. hey great cut, you have got to make a tutorial:D
  6. I liked the cut, looked very nice Cuso, but the last flip at the end could be turned into a OHR, which would just look a little bit cooler :D in my opinion that is :)
  7. I liked it a lot, I've always enjoyed them sort of cuts (Madonna, Squeeze etc)

    I'd appreciate a tutorial
  8. yeah i have some different endings for it but i couldnt find the one that fit's better.

    plus there are ways to do it false....

    glad you like it... keep in mind that i created it when i was like 5 months into flourishing only :p

    now i have better things... ^^
  9. Really smooth cut, the only thing i don't really like is the ending.

    Go for a tutorial if you have time and keep it up!
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    I agree, the whole sequence looked nice and then the ending just kinda ruined it for me.
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    ok ok i'll do another ending in my next video :p

    thanks ;)
  12. I like it, it has a nice flow to it and it looks very smooth. Just the ending of the cut came out of the blue but good job keep it up!
  13. that is a really nice cut man !

    i'll be happy to learn it if you're planning to make a tutorial =D

    it's really creative !
  14. there isnt any real difficult moves in that cut in my opinion(assuming u can do other DnD cuts that is), everyone can duplicate that if they just watch that video couple times, but none the less, well smoothly performed but yes as earlier mentioned, the ending is way down compare to the rest of the cut, if u can tune that up a lil bit it will be a great one.
  15. That was incredible. So simple but so elegant.
    keep up the good work

  16. sure, make a tutorial, I love the look of it...I know I'd look at the tut
  17. I really like your stuff. Just make a tutorial and save us!
  18. pretty nice cut... I liked it...
  19. I like, that it`s smooth...
    Hope that I`ll see your tutorial. Thanks for this wonderful creation.
  20. Yeah it's great I like to see a tutorial of this, the ending can get better, but we also can all create our own ending or go over in another cut. So it's more of a cut with an open ending which I like to as I can create my own ending after the cut :p

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