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  1. Hello guys, Xa2! here. Today I'll be reviewing a trick that we've talked about for the last weeks... Yes, that's it. I'm gonna review RIZER by Eric Ross and B. Smith.

    This trick, as we can see on the preview video, is awesome. Really visual. This take on the original plot is very nice, since it looks like the ink is just moving! I've got incredible reactions with this... Relly love it!

    When I got the DVD, I felt quite up-set with this, since it's something I already had. Most magician have it at home, and some muggles (non-magician, for those who don't like Harry Potter) have it too. But how this product is used is amazing. It's magical. When I saw what the gimmick was I couldn't imagine I'd be using it in that way.

    A question that I often make before purchasing a trick that includes a gimmick is if you can run out of it. I mean, if there's a moment in which you have to ask for refills (as in SMOKE) or not (as in... don't know... WINDOW by David Stone). And in this case, yes. It'll probably last you for a long time, but there will be buying more of this for sure. However, since is a commonly used product, can be purchased for less than 6 bucks.

    That's where the weakness of this effect resides. It requires a set-up that you can't do on the streets. You'll need some time. And once the set-up is done, you won't be able to be prepared for a long time, since you should be performing almost inmediately.

    In addition, I don't think this effect is that strong to be used as a closer, so you'll have to go on with a lot of ink in your forearm. And that's not really my style. This isn't for stage magic or professional act, I think this is for a walk-around or party situation, it's a "informal" effect, not very clean...

    THE DVD:
    I've read a lot of negative reviews about the quality of the DVD, but I think that things are well explained even if the quality is not amazing. The place where they explain is not very nice... It includes quite a lot of street performances, so you can get an idea of what this looks like. (it looks sick!)

    I don't know. It depends. If you really like it and think it fits your style and routine, just go for it. But, if you just perform on stage... don't waste 30 bucks.

    Good effect, but you'll need a huge set-up, and it may not fit into your routine.

    Effect: 7/10
    Gimmick: 6/10
    Is it Practical?: 3/10
    DVD: 7/10
    Price: 6/10
    CONCLUSION: 6.5/10

    Check out my revies of: Smoke, DGP 1-6, 5x Speed, Dresscode and the first double review: PENETRATION EFFECTS.

    Send me a PM if you want me to review any product! If I have it I'll review it ASAP.
  2. yes , interesting thread, because i know how it's done and it look amazing (like always) on video but for strolling, i don't konw , if someone really use it , please tell us
  3. I really do not like rizer. I cannot get the gimmick set up for anything. I hate using Sharpie Marker on my skin because it will not come off for no matter what you do. You cannot use any marker you could get off easily because of the gimmick. Im not a fan of rizer. If I was yall I would not buy it! I give it an overall 3/10.
  4. i love rizer, i think it depends one what kind of magician you are
  5. Nice review. I love this effect. I'm just sad it doesn't fit my style.
  6. It's a very nice effect, but it's almost impossible to fit it in a performance
  7. If this is done the way I think it may be done, than it all depends on your style of performance. Although this does fit my performance, I'm a little hesitate on using a Sharpie on my forearm... but we'll see.
  8. This is a great effect but it is harder for me to pull it off then others because of my arm.

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