Roundtable Discussion - Calen Morelli + Blake Vogt

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  1. How do both of you gentleman view the older generation of magicians who have come before you? Do you believe that there are things that you can take from them and utilize in your own creative way or are many of them so far removed from the material you come up with?

    Do you use the exact same formula in your creative process for all effects to get from the idea to the finished product or does it change throughout the process?

    PS. It was nice meeting with both of you at Magi Fest. Love the new static effect Calen.
  2. To Blake - Did magic help you get into college in any way?
  3. Calen:
    What was the Most Challenging thing during the 365 Days of Magic?

    How has Purdue advantaged your experience in Magic?

    What is the biggest topic you two have disagreed on within or out of magic?
  4. What are you creative processes when developing tricks, such as with Calens 365 days of magic?
  5. Close-up magic taken to the streets became popular after David Blaine and his TV specials. Do you guys think that it's here to stay or that the street approach will fade eventually?
  6. What is your daily idea of what your going to do? Meaning when you wake up how do you think of a idea?
  7. when is blake's tricks going to be released and does calen have some more stuff coming out?
  8. What glue do you guys sniff?
    Nah in all seriousness, How do you get your creative juices flowing, so to speak?
  9. Limes or Lemons?
  10. For Calen:

    What is it like gaining all of this fame and fortune after creating the amazing 365 Days of Magic blog?

    What usually sparks your interest when you come up with a very creative effect?

    What was your first trick and how excited were you when you got it?

  11. For Calen: Do you have any other interests besides magic? If so, do any of these provide inspiration for your magic and your insane creativity?
    Also, what drives you to do the 365 Days of Magic Project?
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    Calen, how come you just blog your 365 days of magic instead of just making money out of it? Why didn't you just put it all as 1-on-1's here on theory11 or choose some and group them into different DVD's? You would have made a lot of money with that. Been wonderin' about this for a long long time...hehe.

    Edit: I mean if you are really planning to put your 365 days of magic into DVD's or 1-on-1's, there's still a big difference between showing it now, then releasing the secrets into DVD's or 1-on-1's in the future...and...showing the performance then revealing the secrets in a DVD or 1-on-1 together for the first time, right?
  13. How did Blake meet calen?
    Is this tnr impromptu?
  14. Once you get an inspiration for a new effect, where/how do you start the creation process?
  15. What about magic keeps you interested and engaged in the hobby? and... How do you come up with your new ideas? Do they just hit you like an epiphany, or do you start with an idea and find a way to make it work?
  16. What does Calen plan to do after 365 days of magic is over.
  17. Calen- What was the first trick you ever created and how did it come about.

    Blake- Are you better then Calen?
  18. Is the ideas just come to your minds? Or you guys somehow boost yourselves to be creative?
  19. Where do you see yourselves in ten years?
  20. For Calen: How do you decide when an effect you created from your 365 days of Magic, is worth posting in a video for your blog, and is worth keeping for a future release. I've noticed that you've been holding back some effects purely because you want to release them. How do you that an effect is good enough to be released and posted.

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